Selected Excerpts from Chapter 12 - The Power of Long Underwear

If you can learn to love the weather you have, instead of longing for the weather you will have in six months, you have gone a long way to enjoying local travel adventures. We have the machinery nowadays to take our climate with us wherever we go. This allows some strange activities, like ice skating on a 100 degree day or working on your golf swing when the temperature is hovering around 10.


If the idea of being encased in layers of winter clothing just doesn’t fly with you, there are numerous other options. Most of us have climate-controlled machines sitting in our driveways that allow us to drive ourselves all over in relative comfort. It works well in winter and summer and gives you the extra benefit of hauling supplies around with you. Many families enjoy a Christmas light drive to see the extravagant, electric grid buckling displays that light up the horizon. The same principle can be used at many other times of the year.


The trick to making something refreshing and adventurous is to make it different from the routine. There are numerous ways to do that in your home. As I type this, I am sitting in a vacation house at a beach in North Carolina. It is one of our two out-of-town trips each year. There is little that distinguishes this house from our house except maybe the miles of pristine white sand, the ever-changing pale green ocean, the rolling dunes, the flocks of pelicans and terns that soar over the house, the steady salt breeze, the stunning sunrises and sunsets, the two story wall of windows and the multi-million dollar price-tag. Other than those minor differences, it is just like our house.

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